The Lifesaving Society and Canadian Red Cross Call for Communities to Join Open Water Wisdom Campaign

May, 17 2012

OTTAWA – Today the Lifesaving Society and Canadian Red Cross issued a call for applications for communities to participate in the upcoming Open Water Wisdom campaign. Launching this summer, the community-based campaign aims to make sport, recreation and active living on Canada’s lakes, rivers and coastal regions safer for children and youth.

“Injury and drowning in open water in remote areas of Canada happens far too often and is preventable. We want to reach out to communities to let them know about the ways to make water activity safer,” says Roxanne Standefer, Open Water Wisdom Project Manager.

“The three important things that we want to get across are also very simple: watch out for each other, beware the shocking effects of cold water, and wear a lifejacket.”

The Open Water Wisdom campaign is currently accepting applications from groups and communities across Canada that want to participate. The community-led campaign is intended for rural and remote areas that have little (or no) access to ongoing learn-toswim programs, formal water safety courses, or vital safety equipment such as comfortable lifejackets.

Participating communities will receive an education tool kit to help them set up awareness activities for local children, youth and their families, a media support package to promote the safety messages and a supply of comfortable lifejackets for use in sports, recreation or near-water play activity.

“Open Water Wisdom could really benefit my community,” said River Wheesk – a high school student in Northern Ontario.

“I hope it teaches people to know what they’re doing before they jump in the water.”

Community or group leaders who are interested in participating should visit to download an application form, or contact:

Roxanne Standefer
[email protected]

Tel: 613.746.5694 ext.22

Media Spokesperson contact info:

Tim Vail, Media Relations Manager, Open Water Wisdom Campaign
[email protected]